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We Care @ KARMIC

The team @ “THE KARMIC TREE” is made up of people who share the advocacy of compassion.

We believe in extending help to everyone in need – with no exceptions to race, religion, or any other factors.

We as an organization consistently operate from the perspective of kindness.

We support

Bird Conservation

Birds are an important part of ecosystems. They not only help lower the current insect pest populations but they also help minimize future outbreaks. … Birds also help greatly with seed dispersal and increase forest growth and conservation.

Some common initiatives are:

  • Buy Bird friendly products like Bird nests
  • Buy a Bird bath
  • Prevent pet predation
  • Provide and protect Bird habitat globally
  • Lower the usage of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers
  • Don’t buy illegal caged Birds

Earth Conservation

Educating Communities on:

  • Global climate change
  • Resource conservation
  • Source reduction & Reuse
  • Recycling & Recycled products
  • Composting & Waste disposal

Reducing is cutting back on the amount of trash we make, Reusing is finding a new way to use trash so that we don’t have to throw it out, and Recycling is using trash to remake new goods that can be sold again.

We are on a mission to make this world
a better place to live.