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Good customer service is just not good enough in these times.

Changing business dynamics expect you to innovate every single day on customer service.

Businesses continue to toil round the clock to bring that ‘Great Customer Experience’ through unique customer service. The more you do for customers, the more they expect. Global business trends and fiercely competitive markets are pushing every business to get closer to their customers.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves – said Steve Jobs

The great art and science of business are to improve product and/or service offerings without giving up margins.

It really is about adding value to customer service without spending too much.

Business unit heads from engineering to manufacturing to sales and support are now regularly brainstorming on how you can profitably grow your value proposition. Customers Service is increasingly at the core of every business today.

Here are seven things you can do for that great customer service:

  1. Find out what is important to customers: what they require and what they desire. And check back how your business can serve them.
  2. Educate customers about the value your business creates for them. If they don’t know about it or appreciate of what you do then show that Value proposition.
  3. Discuss & evaluate the entire customer service cycle in your business. Identify the failure points and find immediate solutions for customer experience.
  4. Brainstorm in weekly sessions with your team on how to add value to the customer’s experience. This is more important than any other huddle you have at this point of time.
  5. Don’t keep your customer wating. If you can’t do something the customer wants, explain why and why not. Talk and explain, when you must say no to your customer.
  6. Know what your competitor is doing and design-plan-operate-execute your business putting your customer at the centre of everything.
  7. Everyone loves surprises. Pleasantly surprise your customers through small gestures whenever you can. A casual phone call or a feedback call are great ways to engage your customers.

Creativity and imagination are the best tools for continually rethinking your value proposition and this can be achieved by getting closer to your customer and providing that world-class-customer-service.

Your Brand Reputation goes a long way in sustained business growth. It attracts customers, investors, partnerships, and employees. And the right way to improve brand reputation undoubtedly is
excellent customer service.

Happy customers build great brands!

And great brands build great customer service!!

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